In the Boris and Gleb Cathedral zamirotochila icon of St. Seraphim of Sarov




Yesterday in Daugavpils Cathedral of Saints Boris and Gleb zamirotochila icon of St. Seraphim of Sarov. Dean of the churches of Daugavpils District, rector of St.. Boris and Gleb, Archpriest George (Popov) said, "Our Newspaper" that the miracle "is the grace of God, snisposlannoy parishioners of the cathedral and all of Daugavpils."

On this occasion, next Sunday will be served in the church of St. thanksgiving. Seraphim.

Myrrh-Streaming Icon was written about 100 years ago specifically for the consecration of the temple. Parishioners worshiped the image of St.. Seraphim of Sarov is located on the right side of the church on one of the columns.

Note that in the ancient history of the Myrrh-Streaming Icon was a very rare occurrence. Massive end of the world as events were observed only with the twentieth century. The first wave came in the 20's. Beginning of the second period can be safely attributed to 1991. It continues to this day. The most common expiry of the world takes place during Lent (this year, Lent begins March 14) or during Orthodox holidays.

For churched people started mirotocheniya icon — worship and prayer augmented. For still others — it is an opportunity to remember about God and His willingness to accept and forgive all who come to Him in prayer and tears of repentance for sins committed.

Yuri Petrovsky


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