In the Canadian province of Manitoba, the fire covered 38,000 acres of forest

On the territory of the Canadian province of Manitoba, the fire covered forest on an area of 38 hectares. One of the centers is located 90 kilometers southeast of Winnipeg: there the fire spread to an area of 20 hectares and about 400 residents of the two villages were evacuated on Saturday as a precaution.

As reported by TV "CBS-C" in the fight against the fire involved about 100 firefighters, several dozens of ground vehicles and four aircraft, equipped with fire extinguishing system. According to Acting Fire Chief Dave Schafer province, the threat of the spread of fire decreased somewhat after the verse of the strong wind, but the risk of fire in other areas remains.

Another major fire covered an area of 18,000 hectares in Long Lake. There's a fight with fire involved 55 firefighters, eight pieces of heavy equipment and four helicopters with fire suppression systems. Their aid groups relocating firefighters from Ontario and British Columbia, according to ITAR-TASS.

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