In the colony Ales saw a football field …

April 5 Minsk City Court to consider appeals against Ales Otroshchenkov, Dmitry Novik and Alexander Molchanov, who was sentenced to prison for participating in the events of December 19.

Human rights activists "Spring" know exactly what is scheduled for April 5 hearing on the complaint Ales Otroshchenkov and suggest that if the court will consider the appeal and Dmitry Novik and Alexander Molchanov, who were tried in the same process. Anastasia Marinkina suggests confirmation of this information.

"They were tried together and complaining, they just fed all three.'s Native Dmitry Novik confirmed it. Thus All three will review the complaint. "

Alexander Atroschankau, Dmitry Novik and Alexander Molchanov, have been recognized by the judge Tatiana Cherkas guilty of involvement in the riots on December 19. A spokesman at the headquarters of the former president kanddata Andrei Sannikov Atroschankau allegedly participated in the assault on the door of the Government House.

The video, which was shown in court, that, however, was not visible: Atroschankau only present in the crowd near the entrance to Government House, but no military action does not. The judge considered it proven guilty activist and sentenced him to 4 years maximum security prison. Atroschankau will serve his punishment in the colony "Vitba-3".

The same vague evidence was presented concerning the driver of the Embassy of the United Arab Emirates in Belarus Dmitry Novik. One of his colleagues testified that Dmitry had called him from a mobile phone. Phone locks on the square. C, 5 years imprisonment. The colony, which determined Novick sit — in the same near Vitebsk, "Vitba-2."

BATE Borisov factory worker Alexander Molchanov acknowledged that tore off a building KGB red and green national flag, and instead hung a white-red-white. Another witness saw the tractor Molchanov utilities around the Independence Square when mityngovets brandished a white-red-white flag. Molchanov but denies that he participated in the breaking of the doors of the Government House. The Court disagreed. 3 years of imprisonment. We already know where — in Mogilev colony.

If the activists to still were in prison in Volodarskogo could bring them to court. But all three are transported to the colonies.

Ales Otroshchenkov wife Darya Korsak said: just received the first letter from her husband to "Vitba-3". "Ales wrote about" Volodarka "on stage and about the colony, which in comparison to the KGB detention center, where he had been almost 3 months, the place is still not so terrible," — said Darya Korsak.

"Wrote that there there Stadium. Because he's a big fan of this game, as I understand it, his feet are itching to run in football. Even after spending all day on the "Volodarka" He played football in prison. The fact that there is a colony of the stadium, he saw the grass, the sun, I think it is refreshed. "

By Darya Korsak, her husband Alexander Atroschankau be quarantined in the camp until mid-April. This is when the towns of Minsk court did not overturn. But Daria says that the simplicity of such a result in the appeal does not believe, but hopes that her husband will reduce the term of imprisonment.

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