In the Hills businessman on a hunger strike, he was paid to earnings

Payments earned require from Gorki entrepreneur Andrew Bozhko of mobile mechanized column number 1 of the district center. He went on hunger strike and became a poster at the entrance to the state enterprise.

According to Andrew Bozhko, For six months, BMD was not calculated for the work that he performed a private company under the subcontract.

"Guide PMK motivates us to non-payment of money so that it is not calculated Company" Alexandria ". We are engaged in interior decoration of houses. Pasted wallpaper, painted floor and etc.. I have over six months increased debt to my employees. I asked the PMK leadership that they have listed at least some money to pay salaries to people. I have no other choice but to go on hunger strike and become the poster at the entrance to PLA. They recognize that the blame me, but do nothing to settle. If I were not paid salaries to people I will tax office, "- explains the situation Andrew Bozhko.

Share your employer has taken a 17-hour, when I came PMK leadership.

"I was approached by PMK chief, and said that it looks funny. He advised me to go on Lenin Square, a district executive committee — they say that such questions, he does not see. And he went to the meeting.

Yet far from me is a company car with two police. While doing nothing. In the hands I hold a placard: "PMK-1, give earnings. Want there." I will stand until it will take away from here. "

At the entrance to PLA Andrew stood Bozhko hour. If the enterprise bosses got away, he decided to also roll your picket. Tomorrow morning entrepreneur promises to once again come to the PMK and to continue the action.

According to the editor of the independent newspaper Gorki "Hill" Galina everyday life, PMK leader promised tomorrow to provide journalists with his explanation of the situation with a private company Andrew Bozhko.



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