In the office of the BPF remembered Larissa Heniyush

In the office of the Belarusian Popular Front party hosted screening of the documentary film "Invictus", dedicated to Larissa Heniyush. Viewing the film was timed to the poet's death on April 7, coinciding with the Orthodox holiday of the Gospel. As reported at the party headquarters, participating in an art event brought dozens of people — lovers of art and supporters of citizenship Larissa Heniyush.

Creative action took place within the framework of the protection of the party campaign office, which runs from April 1. April 8 at the party office will be a presentation magazine ARCHE, dedicated to the events on Independence Square on December 19 2010.

Cultural action in defense of the manor BNF is part of the action council protect the premises, which the BNF takes about 20 years. ZHREO Soviet district of Minsk refused to continue the lease agreement, which ended on March 31, and demands to vacate the premises. For this reason, the Belarusian Popular Front party went to court, and party activists from 31 March started indoors indefinitely all times.



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