In the Philippines, three year old girl remotely retardant clothing, mattresses and even cookies

January 27, 2013 7:39

In March 2011, the news of the three year old child with unusual mental abilities attracted the interest of hundreds of curious people and the media. To her home in the province of Antique in central Philippines frequent visitors to learn that it can predict and magically cause a fire. Those who have seen her abilities, swear that they saw as a light clothing, mattresses, pillows. Paper ignites as soon as it will predict that this should happen.

In the Philippines, three year old girl remotely retardant clothing, mattresses and even cookies

The mayor of San Jose, Molina was one of hundreds who witnessed this phenomenon. He says he saw a pillow on fire, immediately after the child said that "fire. . . pillow … "One day, when Molina was in the child's home, she blurted out:" something on fire ", and a shirt that was drying on the street, on a rope, inexplicably caught fire.

"Nobody touched it, or even close to fit. She's just a second is on fire, "- said Molina.

Gorero policeman saw five objects that caught fire or smoldering, including a piece of burnt cookies, despite the fact that no one is to touch the objects.

"At first I did not believe. Why? But we started the investigation after a lot of people came to the house of a girl "- said Gorero.

Molina placed next to the house and police observers, as well as a fire engine. He said that the government will help with testing and counseling of the child her parents worried.

Mayor newspaper quoted Iloilo City, and he said: "I can not explain it. I am the mayor of the city, and I do not easily believe in such things, but I've seen it. I am at a loss. "
(According to Iloilo City, The Daily Guardian).
According to Wikipedia, Pyrokinesis (Greek? — Fire and Greek.??? — Movement) — the term parapsychology, indicating the ability to cause a fire or a significant rise in temperature within the power of thought and the ability to control fire by thought . Being capable of Pyrokinesis, called pirokinetikom.
There is no publicly available evidence supporting the reality of the phenomenon Pyrokinesis. There is also no scientific theories that would explain this phenomenon. Large-scale studies are not conducted due to the full unconfirmed cases Pyrokinesis and lack theoretical justification.

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