In the skies over Yaroslavl was a miracle of light

October 27, 2011 18:05

But this is not a UFO, but beautiful meteor that appears in the fall.

Of this phenomenon is the correspondent of "Hometown" said the chairman of the Board of the Society of Astronomy Yaroslavl Nicholas Fomichev.

"In the autumn — winter in our area can be observed atmospheric optical phenomenon is very similar to the aurora borealis. This phenomenon is called "light poles» (Light Pillars), — says Nikolay. — These occur when sunlight is reflected from the surfaces of tiny ice crystals, which are ice sheets or rods with a hexagonal cross-section, suspended in air. These crystals in cirrus clouds are formed, most often in cirrostratus. At low temperatures, these crystals can also be formed in the lower atmosphere. Quite often you can see the light poles in the refinery, where there is a strong light illumination and gas plant's emissions, in contact with the cold ambient air form ice crystals. "

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