In the U.S., a stone that served as a door stop, was a rare meteorite

October 23, 2012 20:56

In the U.S., the stone has long been used by Lewis American family as a door stop, suddenly found a rare meteorite age mrln approximately 4.5 years.

In the U.S., a stone that served as a door stop, was a rare meteorite

Reportedly, the American family Lewis decided to test the stone with a metal detector, a long time lying in their home. He has even been painted in green, as served, including decoration flower bed.

According to family legend, the 15-pound stone was found in one of the pastures Tazuella (Tennessee) in the 1930s, the grandfather of Donna Lewis.

On the stone was unknown until then, until George Lewis brought him a metal detector — judging by any high-wise, it was not an ordinary rock.

The couple decided to refer the stone head of the department for examination of the Physics and Astronomy at Eastern Kentucky University, Jerry Cook.

Scientists conducted tests have shown that the object may be a fragment of the famous meteorite, which was found in Tazuelle in 1853.

University, the couple bought a fragment of a meteorite.

Discovered meteorite — the second largest, fell in Tazuella. The first weighed about 45 pounds.

Recall, about a month ago, there was a somewhat similar story. Scientists have determined that the statue of the Buddhist god Vayshravany found by the Nazis during the expedition in 1938, carved from fragments of a meteorite that fell to Earth 15,000 years ago, somewhere in Siberia or Mongolia.

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