In the United States UFO put on the ears all aircraft

November 19, 2012 7:37

In the U.S., videotaped another UFO landing.

These clips on the Internet weight, but the situation with the new video is complicated because it's true words confirmed local journalists. It all started with the fact that the editors TV FOX 31 Colorado resident brought the video has made in a suburb of Denver.

The video shows a view of the city on a clear sunny day and nothing else, but the slow motion was a visible object that rotates in the frame. The object moved across the sky a bit messy, but very quickly, and eventually lost from view. Read: UFO in the sky over London alarmed all citizens and UFO because of insufficient contrast its outlines become indistinguishable. But it is also possible that the flying object landing. Visiting expert on aviation channel could not identify the object, saying only that it's obviously not a plane, not a helicopter or other man-made aircraft. The expert suggested that the object might be a kind of fragment, lifted into the sky by the wind. But all of these versions has denied a video, saying that such a picture he watches at least twice a week for the past few months. And always there is a UFO in between noon and one o'clock the day.

TV journalists have decided to check the author's words and video went to the place from which he was recording. Put the camera and in the afternoon included a record. Read: In the skies over the Arctic something like a UFO opened its doors (photo) And later, watching the footage, were shocked at their record, too, was the same UFO, and quickly swept through the city and "landed" in the vicinity.

It is noteworthy that a single message from the people of Denver to plant anything unusual has been reported. In the civil and military air traffic control services, upon request, journalists said that no unidentified objects did not notice. However, the past few days the blogosphere on both sides of the ocean is buzzing, trying to understand what they saw. Among like to observe is, in particular, and a conspiracy theory: UFO — is supposedly secret military development, the existence of which the government would not be recognized. Or, a new military drone, which a few months ago were regularly sent to the test flights, suggest bloggers ..

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