In the Urals, found fragments of a missing An-2


The mysterious story, almost a year excites all the inhabitants of Russia is finally nearing completion. Despite the efforts of volunteers, rescue workers and police officers, "mystery" hijacked in Serowe An-2 was tragic: corncob crashed shortly after take-off, and all the people on board were killed.

In Sverdlovsk region found the wreckage of a missing plane last summer An-2.
Aircraft found local hunters and gamekeepers, who first reported the correspondent of "Izvestia" and decided not to go to the rescue because of the many "does not really confirmed reports" about the incident that have appeared since the disappearance of the An-2. The plane is in a swamp at a distance of 8 km from the airport, from where it departed.

All the bones and skulls of the skeletons …

"The plane is — or rather, sticks out — right in the middle of the swamp. He entered the swamp at a sharp angle screw forward. Propeller, engine, and the whole front end to the instrument panel went into a viscous goo. Sticking out from it only exhaust pipe. Metal cladding no no Only on the wing. almost all of it shattered or melted, then felt a burning smell so clearly, as if the fire was burning just yesterday. "

Immediately identify the An-2 failed because no side number RA-40312, the names of any airline on its body has been preserved. At the site of the alleged crash left rescuers, said the press service of the Main Directorate of the Russian Emergencies Ministry in the Sverdlovsk region. There also went to the head of State of the Interior Ministry of the Sverdlovsk region, Mikhail Borodin.

According to recent reports, the site of the alleged crash of AN-2 Emergency Situations Ministry discovered the skeletal remains of all 13 people on board.

Video from the scene state of emergency

It also became known that the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation has renewed investigation of the criminal case related to the disappearance of the aircraft. Previously, it was brought under Part 3 st.263 the Criminal Code ("violation of safety rules and operation of air transport, resulted in the death of more than two persons"). This was reported on the website of the department.

An-2, which is used for monitoring forest fires, unauthorized Serov took off from an airfield in the evening June 11, 2012. On board were the pilot Hatip Kashapov and 12 passengers, including the caretaker airfield Yuri Sobolev, head of traffic police Serovskaya Dmitry Ushakov and his three subordinates.

According to witnesses, before flying all the company made use of alcohol. Presumably, then, they went on a fishing trip on an airplane or in a bath. After the An-2 took off from Serov, never to be seen again.

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