In Turkey, near the border with Armenia and Iran are seen UFOs — VIDEO

December 29, 2012 7:07

In eastern Turkey, near the border with Armenia and Iran, detected the appearance of the seven unidentified flying objects.

As reported on Wednesday, December 26, the Turkish newspaper Hurriyet, a UFO appeared a few days ago in the skies over the area, where is Mount Ararat.

Pictures of objects were sent for analysis to the Turkish Center for Astronomy and the study of UFOs.

"Sent our organization films were conducted special filter made all kinds of expertise: pixel, shadow, contrast, negative, etc. It follows from the rigorous study found that the captured images — no photomontage, and available to them unidentified body is classified as a UFO "- quoted the head of the Center Haktana Akdogana.

December 25 was taken to YouTube videos, which show a UFO in question.

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