India began production of its own anti-tank

India began production of its own anti-tank
India started building its anti-tank guided missile (ATGM) «Naked.» This decision was made despite the fact that the U.S. offered the Indian side together to create a South American ATGM «Javelin» (Javelin).

As said the Ministry of Defence of India, talks with the U.S. on the issue of joint production of missiles «Javelin» was only the initial step. In addition, the Indian Defence Research Organization DRDO (Defence Research and Development Organisation) stated that the anti-tank «Nag» easier missiles «Javelin.»

Currently, the Indian Army is in dire need to purchase more than 20 thousand portable third generation anti-tank. All samples purchase them abroad over the last eight years have not yielded positive results.

Israel’s offer to put ATGM «Spike» (Spike) was rejected in 2007 because the country only responded to the offer of India to take part in the tender for the supply of anti-tank.

In turn, the United States, offering intergovernmental put ATGM «Javelin», refused to transfer their production technology. As explained in the Indian Ministry of Defense, the U.S. refusal to sell anti-tank «dzhavel»> in sufficient quantity for the importer was motivated by «international strategic and geopolitical conditions.»

Distinct characteristics of the South American proposals for ATGM «Javelin» are unknown, but the Ministry of Defence of India disk imaging the United States wanted to sell about 6 thousand missiles within 1 year after the signing of the contract. Then supposed to analyze the possibility of joint production of these missiles in India and in the end, carry out the work on joint development of anti-tank, fitted under the Indian requirements.

The U.S. could also transfer production technology ATGM «Javelin», including the warhead, rocket motor on the hard fuel (SRBs), solid rocket fuel (PTT), guidance and homing (GOS) without guidance algorithms, which are the basis of at least what guidance system.

A group of professionals of companies «Raytheon» and «Lockheed Martin» held a special briefing with representatives of the Ministry of Defence of India on research project «Javelin.»

With all of this control «Lockheed Martin» claimed that «Javelin» is better than at least some portable anti-tank as run without introducing pyrotechnics used by the Indian army in the criteria highlands.

Yet, DRDO initiation of the Russian anti-tank «Nag», whose mass is 16 kg, while the mass of the «Javelin» — 26 kg.

Portable missile «Nag» easier option than missiles mounted on a vehicle, which may be developed over the next 3 years, according to Indian developers.

Currently, the Indian army uses French ATGM «Milan» and Russian missiles «Competition» second generation with a range of 2 km less.

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