India intends to equip the new NNS missiles «BrahMos»

According to ARMS-TASS India wants to equip new non-nuclear submarines (NNS) supersonic missiles «BrahMos».
In this regard, as the South American weekly «Difens News», the Ministry of Defence of India requests to present at an international tender Project 75I submarines were armed with Russian-Indian missile «BrahMos». Price of the tender, under which agreement will be signed on 6 new NNS with airindependent power plant (VNEU) is estimated at 12 billion dollars His plan to announce at the end of this year.

Due to the requirement to include the country’s Defense Ministry on the implementation of the conditions of the new weapons NNS missile «BrahMos» Western companies face strong konkurentnstyu by Russian producers submarines.

Among the Western participants in the tender will be coming company DCNS (France), Navantia (Spain) and HDW (Germany). Offered for tender by the Russian side NNS type «Cupid» Requests minor modifications to implement missile «BrahMos».

From Western bidders nobody commented edition of the situation regarding the possibility of placing their submarines of the Russian-Indian missile.

6 new NNS to be purchased for the Indian Navy, subject to the limitations of the contract on the Missile Technology Control, which restricts the spread of missiles with a range greater than 300 km.

Missile «BrahMos» with a range of 300 km least made in India and the best suited for the new NNS, said Defense Ministry spokesman India.

New NNS will have speed on the surface and 12 knots submerged — 19 knots. They will be able to swim is from 50 to 60 days on the surface and 20-30 days submerged in running speed of 4 knots.

Two of the six ordered NNS will be made on the shipyards of the winning tender and four boats will be built under license in the state shipyards.

After the loss of the Indian Navy submarine Russian built «Sindurakshak» (Sindhurakshak) number of NNS in the fleet was reduced to 11 units.

In the future, it is planned to withdraw from service obsolete NNS built by the German company HDW, in increasing the number of groups of Indian submarines by 2015 will be reduced to 7 units.

For India, the number of such submarines is considered unacceptable, as part of the Chinese Navy has more than 60 NNS.

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