Indonesia has attacked poisonous caterpillars

Indonesia has attacked poisonous caterpillarsOutbreak volnyanok moths whose larvae can cause an allergic reaction in humans, are found in the Indonesian archipelago. Volnyanok caterpillars have poisonous hairs during mass outbreaks caused by human and animal acute inflammation of the upper respiratory tract, eyes and skin, according to RIA Novosti. Pests also do serious damage to forests, orchards and plantations.

Caterpillars rapidly spread in Indonesia, "epidemic butterflies" has already covered thousands of miles separated areas of the northern part of Sumatra to lying to the east of the resort island of Bali, Lombok.
The Government will take the medical expenses of the victims and affected by caterpillars, "- said the Minister of Health of Indonesia Endang Sedyaningsih Raha, speaking in the capital of the province of East Java city of Surabaya." However, until the invasion of caterpillars can cause only minor health problems, such as allergies and mange "- added the Minister.

The city authorities are preparing teams who will pollinate place new outbreaks pesticides, opened several "hot lines" on which people from different areas of Jakarta can report "attacks" pests, adds Experts of the Bogor Agricultural Institute believe that as we move into the stage of larvae pupae current outbreaks will go out on their own. However, it should be borne in mind that the life cycle of caterpillars and a half months.

AIF notes that, in the Chelyabinsk region in the fight against the scourge of native vegetation — gypsy moth — attract students. Commissioned by forestry guys produced about a hundred birdhouses to attract songbirds, exterminate pests.

According to the head Aragayashskogo forestry Valentine Krokhaleva, cooperation with kurmanovskoy school lasts for four years: "Today they are already in February we called, asking when a lift materials and tools. Pupils enjoy doing, plus they get money for their work — 45 rubles per birdhouse

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