Indonesia has developed its own battle tank

Indonesian company PT Pindad introduced its first your tank building. This is with reference to the press-secretary of the local newspaper said Rudiyyanti Detik Finance. Medium Tank, lightweight platform was named SBS, reports

At the current time, as explained Rudiyyanti, only mock combat ready vehicle, which will be sent after the certification of the Ministry of Defense. Representative PT Pindad statement SBS instruments, but photos posted on the tank hull machine gun.

Platform assembly resembles wheeled infantry fighting vehicles Anoa, also produced by the company. The publication also noted the similarity between SBS and German ICV Marder — 50 of these cars in Jakarta earlier meant to buy in Germany.

In the spring of 2013 it was reported that Indonesia and Turkey have begun to develop along modern armored vehicles. Then it was reported that it was the creation of medium tanks, but officially the project information is not disclosed.

Willingness to assist in the development of tanks in Indonesia in 2012 and Russia announced. Then the representatives of «Rosoboronexport» pronounced that they can contribute to the creation of a platform of a light tank.
Currently, armed Indonesian military is a German main battle tank Leopard 2 and the French light tank AMX-13.

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