Indonesian fighter against pornography caught red-handed

Indonesian parliament deputy from the Islamic Party Aryfinta prosperity justice refused the deputy's mandate after he was caught watching pornography in the parliament building.

Mr. Aryfinta excuses, that at the time when he made the shots, he accidentally discovered the link that was in one of the messages in his e-mail.

Pornography in Indonesia has become one of the ranges in which the supporters of conservative Islam to experience their political power and influence.

The Islamic Party of prosperity justice was one of the pramotarav law against pornography, from which now may be affected by her former deputy, if he can prove that he looks like a picture that has to unload from the Internet a pornographic movie.

"I apologize to all members of the party and the Parliament for all the noise in the media about this, which is still going on. I continue I will work in favor of his party. I am also going to get well, contritely reading the Koran and asking for guidance, "- said the former deputy told reporters.

Indonesia, the country with the highest Muslim population in the world, is a secular nation, known for its tradition of tolerance. But, as observers, along with the gait of democratization in the last decade, the country has all the louder voice of the Islamic political groups that are increasingly showing their political power in the companies associated with morality and corruption.

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