Infected children in the camp dangerous infection

Russian doctors reported mass disease of food infection. 40 people were hospitalized, all of them coming back from Anapa, from the children's camp, according to RIA Novosti

About one hundred children in an organized return of the children's camp "Prometheus", located in Anapa. On the road, many of them felt unwell and had to seek help from the medical establishment. A total of 40 people were hospitalized. Of them — 39 children and one adult. The hospital has asked the city Michurinsk 9 people, Perovskaya clinic — 7. In Ryazan to hospital asked 14 people, and in Tver — 10. All were diagnosed with intestinal infection.

According to the news agency, the camp before leaving children in the cafeteria fed cheesecakes, in the same way they were given rations. Health workers stations Railways organized monitoring of these children.

"In the Murmansk region was organized by a team of doctors," — said the head of Rospotrebnadzor Murmansk Elena Lukicheva. "They included infectious diseases doctor and several specialists of the local branch of Rospotrebnadzor. On Sunday morning, they will come to Kandalaksha, which by that time will come train and implement necessary control measures. Will also be interviewed passengers and inspection of workers kitchens.

According to her, the most important thing right now is timely, and exclusion of the possibility of infection in the region.

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