Infernal dog stranded on the beach in San Diego

March 12, 2012 9:07

Devilish dog stranded on the beach in San Diego (California, USA) 07.03.2012, maybe it legandarnaya chupacabra. These photos are made by 19-year-old snowboarder Josh Menard of Lake Tahoe. According to Josh creature 2 feet in length (60 cm), her body shape resembles a pig, the creature was a very fat stomach.

Chupacabra (Spanish chupacabras, chupar — to suck and cabra — goat, literally — "sucking goat", "goat vampire") — a mythical creature, the character of urban legends. According to legend Chupacabra kills animals (mainly goats) and suck their blood.
Reliable information about the existence of no chupacabra, though media periodically disseminate eyewitness who saw the alleged Chupacabra coming from different regions. Often for "Chupacabra" take animals (foxes, coyotes, jackals), modified by mutation or disease.

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