International Space Station camera captures UFO rise above the Earth

December 2, 2012 3:29

The camera captures the ISS is like a giant UFO leaves the Earth's atmosphere and is sent into space.
Observer, constantly review the records maintained by the International Space Station, again reported on the "catch."

This time, a huge flying saucer rose above the atmosphere and went into space.

Scott Vorring continuously scans all the photos and videos that NASA released to the public audience.

According to Vorringa, anyone, on closer examination, can independently detect such phenomena. He writes, "It seems that the ISS takes UFO visitors on a weekly basis. I often review the records of surveillance cameras a few times a week, sometimes it is possible to detect a single object, sometimes not. This time I "caught" him in the video camera «Streetcap1,» which NASA has posted on YouTube.

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