Invasion can not be avoided!

French ufologist Emma Michelle once conducted this experiment. He marked on the map of France are the places where there was a UFO. It turned out that the reports on the observation of a UFO in one day come from places on the map in a single line. Moreover, it was not for the observation of a UFO, flying in a straight line, and the various "machines" that have different shapes. Michelle saw this pattern and put his observations in the book "Mysterious unexplained objects."

Similar observations were conducted and the New Zealand pilot Bruce Katie. Katie also charted in Australia and New Zealand where UFOs were observed. All of these points lie on the straight horizontal and vertical lines. Moreover, the lines intersect at right angles and form a square grid with a side of the square at 33 nautical miles (1 mile = 1852 meters).

Wishing to test the reality of these figures, the French UFO Lavier Raymond and Charles Garreau repeated the experiment Bruce Katie in France. The result was the same: a square grid with sides equal to 33 nautical miles, or a multiple of this.

As mentioned researchers believe, the chance of such a network, and even on opposite sides of the globe, is unlikely. It seems that the aliens raschertili map of the Earth on the squares and methodically, square by square, examine it. That is, doing the same thing that was done to the earth scientist, wanting to examine a portion of the surface.

Dr. S.Fridman expressed, for example, the assumption that the planet is still at a low level of development, and you can take samples for experiments in genetics, as well as to observe the development of the primitive of our society living in a state of war, the destruction of nature, uncontrolled climate etc.

In February 1961 radar of NATO forces in Europe have marked several aircraft approaching from the Soviet Union. After a few seconds, they entered the airspace of Western Europe. The speed and maneuverability of objects were stunning. The alarm went up in the air fighter-interceptors. But at that point machines disappeared from radar screens. NATO commanders have analyzed the performance characteristics of objects and concluded that such devices do not have a single world power. That same year, NATO Air Marshal Thomas Pike ordered a secret group to study the nature and assessment of their potential threats.

In May 1963, the group came a professional counterintelligence Bob Dean. Seek help from the specialist made the need for: lost secret papers on UFOs, and two employees had disappeared under mysterious circumstances, writes Kosmosfera.Ru.

When he came into the group, Bob read the document stamped "Top Secret." It was a weighty tome with lots of illustrations, graphs and figures — the fruit of the work of the group for two years. Although secrecy is not removed from the document so far, Bob Dean took the liberty to violate the state secrets and publish some extracts it.

1. Earth is the object of an intense mass surveillance by several extraterrestrial civilizations. Their technology is ahead of the earth for thousands of years.

2. A sequence of observations, and the fact that they are maintained for thousands of years, demonstrates the presence of a plan or program.

3. Military intelligence say that there is no immediate threat from alien civilizations. However, there is some evidence of their potential to interfere in the affairs of state.

Copies of this document were in the mid 60's all the heads of states — members of NATO.

In January 1964, in the state of Arizona (USA), surface-to-air missile was shot down by an alien spacecraft. Arriving at the place of his fall experts found many fragments, the remains of the unknown devices and multiple bodies. These were that growth is 110-120 centimeters with gray skin and increased in comparison with the human, skull. The wreckage of an alien found alive. For several months he was kept in a secret U.S. Air Force base in Arizona. Staff in the department were able to establish contact with him.

Interrogation of alien material:

— Which objects are interested representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations?

— Government and military institutions, industrial facilities.

— Which means you have to pursue your goals?

— Miniaturized equipment tracking, hybrid network of agents.

— What are they?

The first — a device with a diameter not more than 2 millimeters, which transmit visual and audio information. Second — farmed creatures obtained by combining the DNA of people with the DNA of the representatives of our planet. Hybrids resemble humans but have strong psychic abilities. It is basically telepathy and telekinesis.

Alien died at a military base from an unknown illness. Military intelligence allows the possibility of sabotage. Suspicion fell on two members of the department. After a few months, they tried to arrest him. During his detention, one of them was killed. The other is likely to receive information about the upcoming surgery, disappeared. Corpse underwent autopsy, were examined its genetic code. The analysis showed that the structure, genetic chain and intracellular processes do not meet men.

In April-May 1965, experts found several tracking devices supposedly alien. They are held within the clothing of staff, though, and managed to find a few implants — tiny devices that are embedded in the lining of the nose and scalp.

In the winter of 1967 the headquarters of the group saw a UFO. The flight was at an altitude of 500-700 meters at low speed. A few days after the first visit was as follows. At the time, went missing one person from the group of analysts. So in winter 1967 order of the Supreme Command of the group was disbanded.

Until a few decades ago, scientists Shtremer and van der Pol found mysterious echoes of signals sent to the sky, as if a body is reflected to Earth at varying intervals. Expert on extraterrestrial civilizations R.Breysull suggested that it "tricks" the alien probe, secretly orbiting our planet. Subsequent studies failed to confirm or refute this idea.

What if it's true? Let's possible actions aliens who decided to conquer the Earth. With secret UFO landed troops, equips several secret bases. Under the guise of human aliens are introduced to key positions in the structure of the earth, to guide our civilization on the "desired path." The Academy of Sciences of the leading countries of the world can be created group whose staff will explain the UFO and other "miracles" associated with the activities of aliens, purely earthly reasons. Still need to prevent the development of programs such as "Star Wars," that people can not use space weapons against external aggression. But scientists involved in this subject, it is best to eliminate.

"British scientists working on a secret space project, able to defend the Earth from alien invasion, dies under mysterious circumstances," — wrote many newspapers. Why?

This happened in October 1986 in Bristol. A man in an elegant suit neatly tied end of the rope to a tree, made a loop at the other end, threw her on the neck and pulled his car sharply from the spot. Death was instantaneous. The police arrived at the scene found the wallet of the deceased documents in the name of Professor Arshad Sharif. Newspapers wrote about suicide. And no one, it seems, are not interested in the strange fact that Professor Sharif, who decided to commit suicide, whatever passed for the hundred miles from his home in London to Bristol.

Meanwhile, a few days later another one of London professor Vimal Dazibay done the same way, to throw himself headfirst from Bristol Bridge. Curious coincidence, especially considering that these scientists were working on the same theme — developed electronic weapons for the British government program similar to the "Star Wars" in the U.S.. And one more interesting detail — and Sharif and Dazibay interested UFO …

The famous American writer Sidney Sheldon, who decided to hold an independent investigation, found that in 1987, a mysterious plague has continued to British experts dealing with the problem of UFOs and stellar arms.

… January 1987. By Gad Singh was missing declared dead.

… February 1987. Peter Pigegel crushed their car in the garage.

… March 1987. David Senyas committed suicide, sending the car at high speed into the building cafe.

… April 1987. Mark Wiesner — hanged himself.

… April 1987. Stuart Gooding — killed.

… April 1987. David Greenhalgh — fell from the bridge.

… April 1987. Shani Warren — drowned.

… May 1987. Michael Baker — died in the crash.

Everything, according to Sheldon, in a short period of time in another world after Sharif and Dazibaem followed more than twenty of their colleagues. To be precise — 23. Is this a coincidence? And if it is not a coincidence, then what?

Gordon Cooper — the pioneer of space exploration, the U.S. national hero, the famous astronaut who uses the deepest respect. "In Cooper's" children play written about him a lot of books. That's why his statement about visual (!) UFO encounters caused in the late 90's of the last century, the real shock …

Person suspected of insincerity of this magnitude — Cooper for America that Gagarin in Russia — just crazy!

Veteran space research described in detail his meetings with UFOs in an interview with reporters. In the early 50's. He and his partner pursued the "strange light drive" in the sky over Germany at the beginning of the Cold War. In his youth, being pilot-debutant, Gordon Cooper served as a military base in the U.S. and is often seen "Waltzing in the sky" strange objects. Why is the sky was so generous with gifts, Cooper did not understand, such unexplained phenomena relating to classified military experiment. The first thing that alerted Cooper, was the attitude of the authorities to what is happening. After another "light phenomena" are categorically forbidden to spread witnesses about what they saw and sent for printing false explanation.

"I remember," they "were hovering in the air — like the brilliant light of birds, shimmering in the sun with their perfectly engineered" bodies. "How they were exquisite! Often these strange" things "were multiplying before your eyes. Loose from one disk as dust, scattered dozens of small. At first glance they seemed chaotic motion, but looking more closely, it can be assumed that they had a flight plan. None of us, the pilots could not catch up with these "birds." Their speed was inaccessible to our "pathetic" machines. And we can say we have never carried out the order of the authorities. returning with nothing to base. All of us, the employees base, periodically arranged brainwashing. made clear: any reference to outside agencies about threatened ruthless punishment, both for us and our families … "

In 1957, Gordon Cooper became a test pilot at RAF "Edwards." He remembers himself patrol shift on the day when the military operators had to fly to the crash UFO.

"I've seen footage of the material — Cooper said. — I remember what shape was a strange spaceship as he sprawled on the floor oddly dry lake. Huge case about 9 meters in diameter, is cracked in half. Scattered throughout the wreckage were made of extremely thin iron alloy, though it is a soft paper. Flexible "rubber" paper, pieces of which it was impossible to saw or scratch. If the "paper" was rolled into a tube or folded several times, it immediately straightened and returned to their normal, original form. Even I, ignorant in scientific theories, it was clear. This material is made out of the earth. "

But the most shocking, even fantastic, is the second part of the statement Cooper on the theme of our conversation. "I personally know of one person, the officer, who had served for a long time at a military base in Roswell (where, as you know, there was a very famous case of a UFO crash in 1947.) He told me everything that happened in Roswell — the truth.

The report of the crash was a weather balloon official cover. But all those who at the time worked at the base, saw several dead bodies of aliens were transported from the scene of the accident in the lab for an autopsy. Later, my friend was transferred to clerical service based in White Senji, where he was responsible for … the writing of false documents, passports and official documents "includes government" (as he explained).

Who were these unknown "guests"? Why they were given the typical American names? Why they were settled in different states, and organized by high-level work, assimilating of civilians? Perhaps it was the newcomers who have found a new home on Earth? My friend did not reject these assumptions. He also said that these "guests" pay for services to the U.S. government pure platinum, which they have allegedly in excess and advanced technology … I have often wondered what the purpose of the U.S. government's policy of denial, hiding all of these and other facts? ..

Cooper also recalls one of his many conversations with "a friend of White Sands." The latter told him of the existence of a secret agreement with the elected government artists, whose responsibilities include the "softening minds" of people, their workout or something, before the "battle". In particular, it was found that this elite dedicated belonged Stivin director Spielberg. He was given the unique documents, through which he was able to pull off a shocking in its significance (!) Movies — "ET" and "Close Encounters of the Third." Not for you to implement in a popular form in the minds of people — "they" will come soon …

Most people do not believe in UFOs, seeing stories about them as a kind of "journalistic fiction." Meanwhile, on Earth, strange things are happening. Humanity is changing before our eyes as a species. More and more "contactees" hearing "otherworldly voices" had an extraordinary psychic abilities. Scientists attribute this to the change in the magnetic field of the Earth, which is noticeably weaker. Academician V.Kaznacheev confirmed this fact in kipomagnitnyh cameras. In humans, isolated from these cells from the external field of the Earth, appeared telepathic and other unusual abilities. But who can guarantee that the planet's magnetic field varies in a natural way?

There is a hypothesis, according to which every living system, including people, emits gravitational waves. Therefore, around every living organism exists its own gravitational field. If the 'personal' gravitational field due to certain circumstances increases to a considerable value, it appears to interact with the natural gravitational field and sometimes to "extinguish" it. Hence the effect of "weightlessness", "loss of gravity", which is reflected on the objects within range of the "weightlessness" This hypothesis, if taken, questioned or even negates many well-established in our minds, "the classical laws of nature" and because many prominent scientists not only do not want to consider this hypothesis, but do not even want to talk about it, imposing on the subject officially taboo.

But since we are not distinguished scientists and we are not afraid of a violation of the classical laws of nature, let us fantasize and imagine that this hypothesis is correct, and the person really radiates strong "charge" of the gravitational energy. We also assume that the Earth is somewhere outside civilization, having these abilities. Gravitational energy radiated by this civilization at the Earth and enters into a "conflict" with the earth's gravity, breaking it. The consequences of such a phenomenon even difficult to predict. This would lead to a change not only biological, but also the physical structure of the Earth. There is something to think about, and why come to the excitement!

There are too many unexplained events happening lately. Why, for example, there is a "Time of Madness", covering the Earth deadly ring? Judge: Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Iraq, Yugoslavia, Moldova, Georgia, Nagorno-Karabakh, Armenia, Tajikistan, Chechnya. Many will say that all these wars and conflicts — political phenomenon. But why they are accompanied by earthquakes, other unusual natural phenomena? Why "Time of Madness" clearly fits into the ring, as if a probe circling the planet in an orbit under a program a sow enmity, aggression, natural disasters? The question is still open! And let the "fantastic theories" are fiction, not reality!

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