Ireland. The trail of Giants

The trail of Giants (English Giants Causeway) in Northern Ireland — an absolutely fantastic show. It seems as if thousands of construction workers were working on the creation of this place for hundreds of years, building up the great beauty "column." However, the origin of this design is another explanation …

About 50-60 million years ago, there was the largest volcanic eruption, which threw a huge amount of lava on the coast. In contact with water lava began to crack and take a variety of forms, as a consequence produced about 40,000 basalt "pillars", each of which has its own look. Here are common octagons, at least seven-and-six tetrahedrons and only one triangular column. All of this unique natural structure is located on the territory of 300 to 150 meters. By the Trail of the Giants, winding, is a road, stretching for 1 km, then rising, then cascading to the shore.

Despite the fact that scientists have long come to the unanimous opinion of the origin of the Giants Causeway, the local people there are masses of their legends on the subject. One of them, the most popular, says that in ancient times the giant Finn Macul (born Finn McCool) decided to build this bridge connecting Ireland and Scotland, or to get to his beloved, whether to fight the one-eyed monster Gaulle not wet my feet with. Defeated Gall, hiding from persecution fearless giant, destroying everything in its path, including the pavement. That is why, at present, many of the "pillars" half destroyed.

In general, variations on the origin of the bridge quite a lot. You will hear a lot of interesting from local folklore, if peek here. Many, especially romantic and fantasy, tourists were among the "columns" and "The Giant Eye" and his musical instrument — the "body" (12 meter column with a large number of tubes), and even his shoes. However, even people with less than visionary, a walk along the Giant's Causeway will be very entertaining. After all these amazing designs created by nature, not so much on our planet, and each one is unique.



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