Israel, the United States slapped echoing across the face (Haaretz, Israel)

Israel, the United States slapped a resounding slap in the face ("Haaretz", Israel)Here's to you an old anecdote. Among the hypermarket child lying on the floor, still, shouted good mate. No persuasions had no effect on malehankih loudmouth. My mother was in despair. Buyers were greatly annoyed by incessant noise. All this lasted until the time is not yet approached the guard, he leaned over to the child and whispered something in his ear. And the magic happened — the child immediately calmed down and ended up yelling. "What have you said to him, — asked the stunned those present — What wonderful words you whispered to this troubled kid?" "All very simply, — said the watchman — I said to him that, if this very moment, he will not shut up, I vleplyu him such a clout that he will fall off chump. "

Hillary Clinton has nothing to whisper in the ear of the Israeli brained "child." She just gave him a slap echoing. It was expected. "We do not set clear deadlines in regard to Iran — said in an interview with the municipal secretary of the South American channel Bloomberg, — We believe that the negotiations with Iran — is the best way to prevent the creation of Iranian nuclear weapons."

One need not be a professional in special issues of diplomacy, in order to understand who (and therefore) were intended to Ms. Clinton. She spoke rudely and unequivocally. It was the only way to force government, having difficulty hearing, to realize that wish from him.

Clinton's words were not meant to Tehran, and Binyamin Netanyahu. Translate her statement with the diplomatic language common to all mankind: Israel will not make an ultimatum to the United States, Israel, Washington will not dictate what he should be the band — "red" or "green."

It is time to realize given Clinton, Israel to follow a lesson learned: the U.S. has its own policy, its own interests and their own timing of those or other problems. All the decisions on these issues (who could use your loaf!) Are made in Washington, not in Jerusalem.

Netanyahu should not represent a surprise. After all, this is exactly he managed to reincarnate the international confrontation with the Iranian regime, not so long ago was perceived as a threat to the entire world, only the Iran-Israeli conflict. From the perspective of Netanyahu's colossal international efforts to mobilize support unprecedentedly tough sanctions against Tehran are not worth anything.

If so, give Hillary Clinton understand, let Israel he is at war with Iran, alone. On health. U.S. does not want to participate with Israel (at least at this stage) in this idiotic game. U.S. concludes Clinton, have not exhausted diplomatic ways to solve the problem.

What's all the same in this case is referring to President Barack Obama, when has it that the United States shall guarantee the security of Israel? Even if he is not ready to install "red" forbidden line? Where is the guarantee that at the right time he will send aircraft here. And what is this — the "right time"? When it comes?

It's time grasp: Contradictions between Israel and the United States — even deeper on the timing of an attack on Iranian nuclear facilities. Clinton's statement suggests that the two countries have different understandings of what the "Iranian threat."

Apparently refers to the fact that Washington does not believe Tehran's intentions in making nuclear weapon. In the best case, Clinton is willing to accept the fact that the enrichment of uranium to 20% may be an indicator of such purposes, but not a real effort in this direction. "We carefully monitor the actions of Iranians, as their words are always crawl to the case" — noted Clinton.

This formula is applicable to the system of U.S. relations with Israel. This, in fact, are the South American security guarantees. U.S. seeks to protect the government of Israel … from himself. Or, to be more exact — from the Israeli prime minister. U.S. does not believe Israeli estimates regarding the number of victims of alleged Iranian-Israeli conflict.

The Israeli government claims that this amount will be relatively small. The U.S. believes that the Israeli attack is not able to suspend the development of Iran's nuclear project. Worse, the Israeli attack will only increase the motivation of the Ayatollahs' regime to acquire its atomic bomb. U.S. to predict the bloody war in the Middle East, in which Israel and its people will be the main target. Washington is just scares the fact that the United States will be obliged to fight this war instead of Israel.

Netanyahu has forgotten that the U.S. is not a colony of Israel. This Israel is dependent on the support of the United States, who took on the role of patron of the Jewish country, despite the huge cost that they have to pay for it. The conflict over Iran's difficulties can cause irreparable blow to the relations between states with 2.

South American keeper hypermarket hopes that the slap he slapped Israeli screamers will be enough. And if not? What if Napoleon, sitting inside Netanyahu, prevail over common sense?

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