It failed initiative Minsk gave 14 OSCE countries

With the sharply negative reaction to the initiative of the OSCE made 14 MFA. Minsk does not recognize the "Moscow Mechanism" of the organization.

Great Britain and thirteen other member countries of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe urged Belarus to cooperate with the international mission of experts to gather evidence for the investigation of actions related to the suppression of the protests after the presidential election 2010.

This proposal was within the scheme of the OSCE, also known as the "Moscow Mechanism".

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus in response stated that "some Western countries continue the policy of military pressure on Belarus, trying to use any available means."

"Now they are trying to involve in the process of OSCE. Group of manipulating existing at the OSCE procedural gaps, took the initiative to send a our country"Mission rapporteur" without any justification for this. Arbitrary, in the spirit of "double standards", the interpretation of the OSCE documents, discriminatory initiatives and block thinking contrary to the values of the organization and destroy its role as a key forum for pan-European security and cooperation. "

Thus, Minsk does not want to see foreign experts.

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