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I was the first company ready to congratulate the Belarusian KGB operation to arrest the perpetrators of a brilliant attack on April 11. All the more so, that two days ago on this very site I have publicly expressed doubts whether they are able to arrest the terrorists. But after reading the statements by the President about the operation, I had a few "buts". I can about these "but" do not say out loud.

And wait some more congratulations.

First, as the President said, the detainees confessed not only in the terrorist attack on the subway, but also in attacks on Independence Day in Minsk in July 2008 and in September 2005 in Vitebsk. There is not a single good luck, but three.

For the Belarusian court, of course, recognition is enough to send a man to death row. But there is light at the courts in which the confession is insufficient to reach a verdict. Require irrefutable proof. After all, as the saying goes, confess to the crime and the person can completely innocent. It is, for example, with a brain is not all right. Or has no rivets are missing, but which, I am sorry for neversalski style soldering iron inserted into the anus and plugged into a power outlet. In such a case, and in shots on one such car in 1994 under Liozno can admit it.

Second, if the investigators are now able to calculate the terrorist underground in a day from the comfort of the rooms, why not mentioned the terrorist attacks in 2005 and 2008 remained unsolved already this far? That while it was impossible to sit in their offices and use their brains? Of course, I guess that now, in 2011, was in effect for some video analysis, and then, in 2005 and 2008, no such material might not be available. But it does mean that there is no brain titanic effort of investigators, which the president mentioned, and do not need it. Needed only a watchful eye.

Third, the guards at the presidential reports of the arrest of alleged terrorists that it piled up in a heap and the glorification of cerebral force of investigators, and the mention of the crisis in the food market and the currency, and of blasphemy home "fifth column" and foreign "martyrs" that "dancing on the bones," and the threat of "all draw and question." Yes, even a hint that the Belarusian people went to certain limits for their survival and are now ready to "act as necessary".

Well, let me convince someone that this is the statement of the head of state, who feels satisfied and supakoenasts from what police neutralized culprits terrible act of terrorism and that the public have nothing to fear, everything is normal and under control. If so, then why should "engage and interrogate all"? So, even more to blame for the terrorist attack than arrested last night, is still at large?

"All this talk, democratization, which is imposed on us, has nothing to do with the true democracy that be and there in the country ", — said the President in connection with the explosion at the station" October. "

Unwittingly begins to doubt that the perpetrators of the terrorist attack on the subway sitting in the detention center in Minsk, and not, for example, in a cozy office in Brussels or some other Strasbourg.


act of terrorism

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