Italian lawyer Luigi Marra against the Bilderbergers

Reckless courage, or stupidity moved by the Italian lawyer Alfonso Luigi Marra, when it is written statement the prosecutor of the Roman Republic to investigate the activities of the secret organization: Bilderberg, is not known. But the consequences of this case clearly might end in failure for one of the parties.

In particular, the lawyer would like to clarify the participation in the activities of the organization of Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti.

Luigi Marra need to study several aspects of the operation of the Bilderberg Club, including the occult and the unlawful nature of the "conference" members of the organization.

Lawyer, referring to the words of eyewitnesses, such as Ferdinando Imposimato receiving information from court documents, suggests that Bilderberg should be viewed as a "secret world government that seeks to destabilize democracy through the carnage."

The goals and methods of the organization's activities are secret for over 50 years, and according to Article 18 of the Constitution, says lawyer, activities of secret societies that go to the "direct interference with the functions of the constitutional bodies, public administrations and autonomous government agencies …" prohibited . In addition, members of the organization violate a host of other articles of the Criminal Code.

As the Bilderberg conferences involving a large number of persons holding important positions in the public, government agencies, international organizations, and representatives of the world's major business corporations and banks, the work of such associations should be transparent to the public. Therefore, there is an urgent need to investigate the legality of the activities of this organization.

Also, Luigi Marra asked to clarify the question of "appointment as Chairman of the Board" of the organization, Mario Monti, whose candidacy was supported by members of the Bilderberg conference in St. Moritz in June 2011 if it really happened, that such activity is in conflict with the public interest of citizens country.



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