Journey to the planets of the 6 movies watch online

Journey to the planets of the 6 movies watch online
Try to imagine for themselves honeymoon which you spend journey to the canyons of Mars, where trying to escape from the bustle of the earth. Or a vacation that you can spend on the magnetic fields of Jupiter, and not just in a hot country. In reality is not real, but the TV channel National Geographic, is able to give us such prilyucheniya. But, in order to cope with all the congestion and tests you should have a strong body, strong nerves and a healthy heart. Any series, our project will allow all of you to consider other nearby planets. Picture, rather short video films shot which was likely due to the most technologically advanced telescopes with the highest opticians. And the possibilities of modern cartoonists, will for you is transferred to each of the Planets prochuyat and every inch of the surface of an alien.

Journey on the planet "Jupiter"

We go beyond the asteroid belt, and will visit the prodigious excursion. Welcome to Jupiter in the center of extreme entertainment. We will dive into the mysterious depths of his …

Journey on the planet "Saturn"

Neither planetka not compare with Saturn on the breathtaking beauty. But on the postcards is only visible on the outside. What would take place in the "front row", we will rise above the planet, with its six-sided storms. Even more lurking surrounded by majestic fountains of Enceladus. It may be that salty geysers that moon pose a clue to the origin of life. We circled over the huge orange moon Titan, and descend beneath the misty clouds Zahav her. We Flew Over the propane lakes, sand dunes and combustible methane rivers …

Journey on the planet "Venus and Mercury"

Everyone likes to vacation in warm countries. What do you think about traveling to the two planets, which is hot as hell in!
Mysterious Mercury — it seems lifeless and desolate, but deep in his bowels is nestled key to a very different past. The smallest planetka with high density and landscape similar to the moon, and she nevertheless it has a magnetic field. Mercurial day lasts about 6 months of the earth. This planetka per second stove, refrigerator for one second. Venus — is hell! The real hell. She was once like Earth, but something terrible happened. At some point, Venus was an ocean, which had disappeared. What changed Venus from Eden space in the steamer?

Journey on the planet "Mars"

Have you ever wished about staying in a particular place, away from the crowds, from Thoren paths of unearthly pleasure?
Maybe it's time to take a rocket to the Red Planet?
Mars is full of mysteries, volcanoes up almost 23 thousand meters, width of the Grand Canyon is almost 5 and a depth of 10 km, there are many fascinating objects. Look forward to some of the finest scenery in the solar system and the world where water was once in abundance, and later disappeared completely. Where there may be underground could still survive invisible society bacteria …

Journey on the planet "Neptune and Uranus"

Do you have time for a holiday of 24 years? Then offer for you to travel to the most distant planet solar system. This two Cyclopean world of frozen gas beyond the asteroid belt. Uranus seems quiet and measured. But why planetka lies on its side?
Neptune — the last world of our solar system. He is so far from the Sun, it's hard to expect him to violent activity. But something is the source of his crazed winds, the most rapid in the solar system? And what happened to his great dark spot?

Journey on the planet "Pluto and Beyond"

Would you like to go somewhere away from all the fuss? Pluto — one of the most secluded places that one can find. On Pluto, which smaller than our Moon, has never been no visitor from Earth, before the time … For the first time in the history of the world's population will fall from Pluto veil of uncertainty. But until that moment, we can only guess looks like Pluto and only recently astrologers decided not to call it the planet. Once considered a lonely curiosity at the moment Pluto is the mark of the beginning of the new frontiers. Now, when we begin to look beyond the boundaries of our friends and their homes, begins the hunt for worlds similar to the Earth in orbit other stars …

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