Ka-Nah-Be-Owey Wence — a man who lived for 130 years!

Ka-Nah-Be-Owey Wence — Native American, whose career began in the late 18th century and ended in the 20th! No one knows exactly when he was born, but where he lived, he knew a lot of generations of people, and he always was for them, "John Smith's grandfather."

It is not known how he managed to live a long and fruitful life. Especially when you consider that he was smoking a pipe in early childhood. However, an honorary citizen of the edges had dozens of children and grandchildren and was married several times. The last woman he married was his age is almost 100 years old!
Ka-Nah-Be-Owey Wence enjoyed tremendous respect among the Indians and Americans. Grandpa Smith was fortunate to witness the launch of the first steam locomotive in those parts, and he got his ticket to ride for free. The old man loved to travel, and even crossed the threshold of 100 years, he left the house for a week, taking with him a travel bag and a staff.
During the long years of his life his skin was dry and cracked as the land without rain, but the clarity of mind did not leave him until the end of days.
If you are interested to know more about this person, you can read his biography, as well as read interviews made during his life HERE. Article most interesting, but it is in English
By the way, it argues that he was 138 years old when he died, but the exact date of his birth, no one knows. He died in 1920.


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