"In the coming months it will become clear whether we will sustain that pace that score. We will play against teams from the bottom half of the table — "Anji", "Alan", "Siberia." They have to take my glasses. At the beginning of the season our task was to take tenth place. However, if we find ourselves in the end it will, of course, a pity. I think we need to fight for the third place, "- the words mentor" Rostov "Oleg Protasov said a few days before the match against Makhachkala. From which we can conclude that the team felt "the smell of blood" — more precisely, a real opportunity to reach the finish line in the leading group.

If the time this development seemed more fantastic and very Protasov said he thinks primarily about being in the "top ten", without reference to any particular place, but now the situation has changed. A careful study of the positions of the teams in the standings to date and the remaining schedule of games gives every reason to not just dream about the high ground for the "Rostov", but seriously aspire to them. And if all goes well, you don the club in November may well surpass his own greatest achievement 12 years ago, when he finished sixth.

And look to the future light-hearted, so only serious staffing problems still do not allow the "yellow-blue" to play in the optimal composition. In the previous match in Perm Protasov could not count on the eight (!) Players from the main cage. Two weeks passed, and the number of losses and if declined, then not much. Returned from the Bulgarian national team with an injury Yankov. Muscle damage can not operate at full capacity Adam. Do not expired disqualification Blatnyaka. Still treated Ivanov, Hong Valikaev. It's good to be back in operation with Gatskanom Zivanovic, yes Kalachev fully recovered after received in April, breaking his leg. In such a situation to win points even those opponents who live on the lower floors of the ranking, is very difficult. Therefore believe that the "Anji" will be easy prey for í, one must either absolutely desperate optimist or a person who does not know the real picture.

However, anything other than a victory in this match, the fans of "Rostov" from their favorite team did not wait. Say, you want to go up — be kind enough to win, despite all the difficulties. When the bird is in your hands, let it worthless. Chase then for pie in the sky will be much more difficult.

Realizing this (or at least, really want to believe it), "yellow-blue" immediately came into action. And in the 1st minute earned a corner. But failed to score quickly, and then began loosening saturated defense "Anji". And this occupation in games with teams like Dagestan, does not always bring "Rostov" success. Here it is necessary to act with an invention, surprise contender some unconventional moves. This opportunity Rostov found in the 27th minute. A long pass to Akhmetovich forced to make a mistake at the exit Abaeva. But his own immediately corrected the error, taking the ball at the feet are ready to hit the empty net Bosniaks.

Meanwhile, as the owners were looking for the keys to the gates Abaeva, nearly scored Makhachkala. Archers being in the penalty, and the like are not going to beat, but the ball so well was cut off from his legs that flew straight under the crossbar. Amel'chenko is literally rose to the occasion, having made a masterful saves.

Even more dangerous moment "Anji" Failed to create the curtain of the first half. The failure of the defense, "Rostov" has led to the fact that the right Zorah broke into a free zone, has entered the penalty area and struck a powerful blow to the far corner. Again — bravo, Amel'chenko! Such a difficult ball dragged — it's crazy! Moreover, the finishing moves in Streltsova was productive, but he did so from an offside position, so a goal Baskakov rightly overturned.

Wards Protasova, knowing that in the penalty opponent they are not welcome with open arms, began to use long strokes. Pavlenko first shot, then — Kalachev, after — Kulchiy. Alas, all the way past.

But it turned out-that all brilliant — just. 56 minutes. Pavlenko left of the front filed to the far post and shot in the back Kalachev heartily shot gate. There is such an important goal!

No wonder the fans "Rostov" Kalacheva have been waiting for the return to duty. And he went out into the field for the first time after almost five months of hiatus, that played a crucial match, if not a major role. In addition, Timothy now can be considered a senior specialist in "Anji" in Don's club. In the first round match in Makhachkala his goal brought the "yellow-blue" victory, is now history repeated itself.

Sweep account, the owners were aware of the fact that the result 1:0 dangerous enough. Any accident, the absurdity of the error — and start all over again. A drop points they desperately do not want to. And the attack on the gate, "Anji" continued. It is a pity that the finisher is not the best way, therefore, up to the final whistle of the match tension subsides.

And yet, "Rostov" got the victory. Which once again confirmed the seriousness of the intentions of the team tournament Protasova.

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