Kaliningrad fishermen pribrezhniki improved performance

Total catch Kaliningrad enterprises engaged in coastal fisheries, has exceeded 22 thousand tons — 14% above last year's level. To improve the situation has affected regional program. 

The development of coastal fisheries discussed at the next meeting of the Fisheries Council of the Kaliningrad region on September 18. Fishermen in the region were able to fully exploit the quota for herring. Because of the difficult ice conditions in the Gulf of Kaliningrad terms of the ban on herring fishing had to be moved. As a result, for the fishing season, which lasted from April to May, in the Gulf disbursed 2.5 million tons of fish.

Head of the Regional Fisheries Agency and Fisheries Industry Development Sergei Yershov said the situation in the fishery has improved thanks to the adoption and implementation of the regional program for the coastal fisheries. This document is aimed at attracting investment in the sector. Under the program of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs are paid subsidies on actual costs incurred. Also, one of the reconstructed pier fishing farms. In addition, the construction of a single maritime complex in the city Svetlyj commissioned two refrigerated warehouse to 4 tons, installed a pump system to pump the catch from ship to shore-based processing plant, modernized one fishing boat.

According to Sergei Yershov, sprat catch this year at 1.5 million tonnes higher than in 2012 (about 14.9 tons). The head of the agency added that the quota for sprat and herring this season increased by 2.5 tons for each type of fish. It is expected a decision to increase quotas for herring for next year. Also Sergey Yershov said the problem with the initial processing of cod: a governmental decree aquatic resources, mined in coastal fisheries in the Baltic Sea is allowed to process directly to the courts.

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