Kaliningrad in the hospital for war veterans have opened a new medical ward

April 9, at the Hospital for War Veterans on Komsomolskaya Street in Kaliningrad was a triple celebration. On the day of the victorious storming of Koenigsberg regional social and health center celebrates its birthday (hospital opened exactly 2 years ago) and the discovery of new therapeutic department.

Furniture and equipment for the new offices of the regional budget allocated 590 thousand rubles. Over the past year, the hospital had an opportunity to improve your health more than 1,200 veterans. The commissioning of the new office will allow, taking into account day-care, recovery still hold 300-350 people.

The hospital has the opportunity to improve their health, having a 21-day rehabilitation course, the veterans of all the municipalities of the region. According to the chief doctor of the hospital Ludmila Moses, today physiotherapy base institution — one of the best in the region. Here, patients are offered a variety of therapeutic baths, showers, massages, mud baths there, the camera is equipped with a gala.

The content of the hospital cost the regional budget of 30 million rubles a year. Developing the material base of medical institutions: from the contingency fund of the President of the Russian Federation acquired medical and rehabilitation equipment that will improve the quality of services provided. From the regional budget for co-financing with the Pension Fund allocated about 6.4 million rubles, which repaired some of the interior and exterior facade of the hospital.

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