Kaliningrad manufacturer started shipping tulips in Holland

Kennel "Kalinkou" is created in the village Kalinkou Guard District of the Kaliningrad region in 2011. An area of about 400 hectares is building a large plant growing economy.

To date, developed more than 20 hectares. Planted with fruit and ornamental trees and shrubs. A little less than a hectare occupy the greenhouse for the cultivation of pot plants. Built warehouses of 5,400 square meters, of which 780 sq ft is equipped with modern cold rooms for storage of cut flowers. Build their own tank farm, bought more than 50 units of specialized planting machinery. Formed a logistics department, heavy goods vehicle fleet and sorting system, packing and loading.

Kaliningrad producer of ornamental plants nursery "Kalinkou" has begun shipping its products to Holland. The first batch of tulips in the amount of 12 thousand units were sent in February of this year.

The flowers were delivered by trucks to the stock exchange in Aalsmeer flower which is considered one of the biggest markets in the world. In this city of flowers sold at auction and are sold in all countries of the world.

"The whole process of the nursery is built on technology that is used Dutch growers. We are actively assimilating the experience of foreign colleagues and have already performed well in Europe ", — said the representative of the kennel Irina Popova.

As explained by the company's management, for delivery to Holland tulips were chosen because they are most in demand. "In addition, our nursery has developed a successful experience of growing these bulbs", — stressed the enterprise.

As the correspondent Kaliningrad.Ru the press service of the regional government, the nursery "Kalinkou" plans to make deliveries to the Netherlands on a permanent basis. "The new generation of Russian enterprises and entrepreneurs confidently enters foreign markets, which is most characteristic of the agricultural industry. Modern growing techniques, coupled with lower compared to the EU market rates for energy products make the crop of the Kaliningrad region is very competitive, "- said the Minister of Agriculture of the region Vladimir Zarudny.

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