Kaliningrad: the second overpass, Seaside ring, the bridge over the River Neman

October 6, began laying asphalt on the first second flyover bridge in Kaliningrad, is an installation of noise barriers.

 Photo source:gov39.ru

Kaliningrad residents will be able to pass on the second flyover from the street. Frunze to Dzerzhinsky in early December. The second flyover under construction on the federal, regional and municipal budgets. The total cost of the bridge over the Old and New Pregolya is 4.5 billion rubles.

The construction of the Primorye Ring — Highway linking together Kaliningrad, seaside resorts Svetlahorsk, Pioneer, Zelenogradsk, the international airport and the city Hrabrovo Baltiysk and bright.

 Photo source:gov39.ru

Since February 2010, the forces of 800 employees built 25.5 km of road, including 14 bridges, overpasses (among them — the region's first arch bridge), at six-kilometer stretch of road laid three layers of asphalt. After the opening of the road traffic will have two layers of asphalt, the top layer will be laid in 2012.

October 4 at the 8th annual meeting of the Russian-Lithuanian intergovernmental commission agreement was signed to build a bridge over the Neman. Construction of the new transport artery that will link with the Lithuanian Sovietsk settlement Panemune will take 2-2.5 years.

Signing the agreement on the construction of the bridge over the River Neman will give a new impetus to the development of trade and economic relations with the countries of the European Union and, just as importantly, decide issues of great concern residents of a bordering the Soviet — relieve the city from the movement of heavy trucks.

 Photo source:gov39.ru

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