Kaliningrader embroidered on the machine a unique collection of paintings

Kaliningrad expert at Rice Kuchko working in a unique technique of machine art coats, embroidered Atlas of Russian science. Dozens of paintings, made with colored threads on a typewriter "Podolsk" depict animals and plants in their natural environment.

Raisa Kuchko suggested the inclusion of her work in the Guinness Book of Records. But for this creator to make the necessary documents. And the time to do it in 75-year-old Kaliningrader not there.

Kuchko in the region know well and are always invited to all kinds of exhibitions, say all sorts of diplomas. Heard of it, and abroad. In Belgium, in Liege, the famous lace gave her during their exhibition areas under its unusual pictures. Her series of "Russian Fairy Tales" continues to successfully exhibited in the Polish city of Olsztyn.

The passion for needlework at Raisa Dmitrievny with youth. Embroidery, applique, other hobbies ladies have gone through her life like a red thread. Embroider many, but with the help of a sewing machine — units. Put the mechanics of his service — not every woman is given. All my life I worked as a designer D. Rice, there has developed its technical imagination which helped her later to tame an old sewing machine, turning it into a perfect tool of expression.

Her work can be divided into several cycles of Slavic folklore, flora and fauna, mythology. Recently, Raisa D. fascinated by the Far Eastern motifs, they Priamurskie tigers, cedars, ginseng. This is it — from my childhood. My father was a border guard, then a girl of Paradise and began to draw and embroider taiga flora and fauna. Now she has all the walls are covered with striped predator, lynx, bears. And so what color — it must be seen in person.

Almost any serious hobby requires not only emotional and time-consuming, but also material investments. In this case embroideress have to constantly restock threads. And there are a lot of good.

The apartment Raisa Dmitrievny — these deposits threads, all colors, unimaginable shades. To embroider the greens, it is not limited to 2-3 shades, and expand the color gamut up to a dozen, at least. Same with the embroidery of the autumn forest. Sunsets, sunrises require very different colors.

Can you imagine that the great painter was to save on paint? The real master of embroidery stitch the same attitude to their work. When the work is finished, Raisa D. meticulously inspects it, and it happens that goes to the store — buy more food a couple or two skeins to add the elusive touch. And to embroidery computer Raisa D. is without piety — believes that it is in comparison is not with the quality of manual work.

— I offered to adopt this method, but if the car is a computer-seven pieces of thread spools, then I used to use in the film, about two thousand flowers. And no computer achieve the play of colors, as in my "Podolsk."

Begins his film with Raisa D. drawing eyes. It happens not immediately possible to achieve expression, then thread bloom, and a new attempt until the eyes will find the right expression.

In his later years, Raisa D. fully self supporting, earning various exhibitions and fairs. There she puts on the sale of small, but large canvases keeps the house, not wanting to part with them for a pittance. However, a lot of work just gave all kinds of people, including the clergy, they bark outfits.

She considered herself a happy person, because she has a favorite thing. It was a long time for him, and found, as she says, its own way of expression.

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