Kalinkina: circumvent bans and go to the site of the Charter and the Belarusian partisan easily

By order of the Prosecutor General's Office in Belarus is limited access to independent political sites "Charter 97" and "Belarusian partisan". The officials of relevant government agencies declined to comment. Experts say that measures to control Internet resources are effective.

According to official information, the decision to restrict access to the "Charter 97" and "Belarusian partisan" accepted the General Prosecutor's Office on the grounds that these websites have transgressed the law "On mass events." The prosecutor's office declined to comment on the information. In Belarus, the State Inspectorate for Telecommunications providing such technical solutions, confirmed that the list of restricted sites added, but how many internet sites it has increased — the information enclosed, said an employee of the inspection Yuri Stseshyn:

"There is such a thing — a publicly available list of restricted access, and there is the concept of the list of restricted access to Internet service providers. Until all the public can have access to a restricted access — only Internet service providers. Therefore, the information on the list — only for service providers. I do not have the right to share this information, neither the number nor anyone on this list — for it and a list of restricted access. "

On the official website of the State Inspectorate for telecommunications in Belarus "General List of restricted access," there is no record. To see the "List of restricted access to Internet service providers", a special password that is issued by and under license by internet services. A member of the Internet site "Akavita" Fyodor Korolenko considers that, in fact, such a list still did not exist, and the "Charter 97" and "Belarusian partisan" were there first:

"So far, in fact — these lists were empty and no sites are not blyakavalisya. If a ruling came out, then surely they will block. But in accordance with the decree number 60 has only two options block the site: for public institutions — universities, schools, government institutions — and if the person asks for. It will not touch the rest of the citizens, and if these lists and will get some sites, the people out of their homes will be able to open any websites without any problems. "

It does not make much sense, except that once again confirms that the Belarusian authorities of anger, panic and confusion.

Providers of other websites show that not restrict access to the sites to all users of Internet services. Along the way, they declined to comment on how many sites and which specific block for use in public institutions. However, any restrictive practices — effective, says one of the regular contributors to the "Belarusian partisan" Kalinkina:

"I think it really is pointless solution. Rather, it suggests that the authorities do not know what to do: How to keep people how to contain independent information, and therefore such measures. Although these measures are absolutely meaningless — it will confirm any specialist. Technical possibilities for entering the sites of the "Charter" and "Belarusian Partisan" through other servers will be developed by users in a day or two since it is very just do it. I'm even surprised that such steps were made. It does not make much sense, except that once again confirms that the Belarusian authorities of anger, panic and confusion. "

In accordance with the resolution of operational and analytical center under the President of the restriction of access can be used to address the higher state organs — such as the General Prosecutor's Office, the State Control Committee and other organizations — to those websites that cultivate extremism, violence, promote trade in arms and human beings.


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