Kaluga Research and Production Steel Mill

Kaluga Scientific-Production Electric Metallurgical Plant is an enterprise of a new generation of world-class level of production.

KNPEMZ included in the list of priority investment projects of the Strategy of development of metallurgical industry of Russia until 2020.

In 2011, the plant received kits for mounting electric arc furnace, ladle furnace, vosmiruchevoy continuous casting machine. Electric arc furnace using the new technology of steelmaking «Ultimate» will combine a high specific electrical power (more than 1 MVA / t) and the possibility of filling the entire volume of metal stock in the oven "in a bucket" for smelting.

On-off unit "ladle-furnace" will provide treatment of metal in two ladles, which are in different positions in turn. The capabilities of modern dust and gas cleaning systems that will be installed on KNPEMZ have the cleaning efficiency is not less than 99%. Their work will ensure the values of specific emissions of less than 2 kg / t of steel (compared to integrated steel-making plants in Russia specific emissions are 25-35 kg / t in the EU — 15-18 kg / t). To supply the facilities of the plant process water provides for the construction of closed cycle water recycling, excluding the discharge of industrial effluents into water bodies. These technological solutions and advanced equipment not only provide environmental safety of production, but also its high performance and energy efficiency, as well as the high quality of the manufactured products.

The supply of basic technological equipment for the rolling mill is scheduled for the first half of 2011 Supplier hoop rolling mill will be the company SMS MEER.

For the record:

Construction KNPEMZ is an important direction of development of NLMK Long Products Division — NLMK-Long. The implementation of the investment project involves the creation of a modern industrial complex for the production of a wide range of steel products for construction purposes, including rebar and structural shapes.

The capacity of the suggested release of 1.5 million tons per year of liquid steel and 0.9 to 1.5 million tons of steel per year. Start the first and second stage of the enterprise are planned in the first half of 2012 to the present, the KNPEMZ is the construction of major — electric furnace and rolling mills. By the end of the year is planned to complete construction of the hull structures of the main shops.

NLMK-Long — a subsidiary of OJSC "NLMK", uniting with December 2009 under its management company NLMK Long Products Division. The production structure of NLMK-power includes forming a closed production cycle from collection and recycling of scrap metals to manufacture high value-added steel products — rebar, wire rod and wire products. Base enterprises NLMK-are located in the Sverdlovsk region of "NSMMZ" (electric furnace production and release of long products) and ZAO "UZPS" (hardware production). On raw materials in the company presented "Vtorchermet NLMK" — one of the largest in the Russian union of scrap metal companies operating in different regions of the country.

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