Kaluga was a crimson river Protva

Day ecologist Kaluga river Protva became crimson.
Last week, the water in the river Protva vorsinovskogo bridge in the Kaluga region stained crimson. Writes about this Obninsk weekly "You and We", "Basically, our river and had not shone pure color and blue waters. But sunbathing on its banks, people were absolutely amazed by the fantastic picture. Witnessed the incident believe that what- then combine in Ermolino obviously threw something Protva suffering. "

Currently, local authorities are trying to find out: who is so stressed holiday — ecologist.

As previously reported IA REGNUM, the All-Russian Society for the Conservation of Nature Rating of regions of the Russian Federation on the results of environmental monitoring for the public in May 2011, according to which the Kaluga region has negative growth (-1), and among the subjects of the Central Federal District occupies the central position. However, in comments REGNUM correspondent Minister of Natural Resources, Environment and Public Works of the Kaluga region, Vladimir Zhipa said that in fact "Kaluga Region is one of the most environmentally clean regions of the European part of Russia and the cleanest of the 18 regions of the Central Federal District." "Discharge of pollutants into water bodies in Voronezh, Ivanovo and Lipetsk regions exceed the wastewater discharges in the Kaluga region. However ranking members of the Russian Federation this area occupy a higher position than the Kaluga region," — said the Minister of Kaluga.

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