Kama HPP (Perm region) has put into operation a modernized hydraulic unit

"Kama HPP" after a planned major overhaul with replacement of the wheel is put into operation hydroelectric number 10.

On the hydraulic unit replaced the working mechanisms of the turbine (impeller, cover the turbine guide vanes, turbine bearings) and the impeller chamber. Simultaneously, work was done on the modernization of hydro (replacement of the stator cooling), which will in the long term to increase the installed capacity of hydro from 21 to 24 MW.

Replacement of the basic mechanisms of hydro turbines — a priority of modernization of the Kama HPP. To date, the plant has upgraded 20 of 23 hydroelectric units.


New impellers upgraded turbines, in addition to improved operational performance, a high degree of environmental safety — their design eliminates the possibility of falling into the water turbine oil. Also continues to implement the project of a new microprocessor-based equipment of hydraulic automatic control system. The implementation of all planned activities to modernize the station will improve the reliability and efficiency of its operation, and to increase the installed capacity of the plant to 552 MW.

RMB — long-term program (with a period of implementation 2012-2020. With the outlook for 2025) prescribes technical re-generating facilities RusHydro.

It is planned to replace 55% of turbines, generators and 42% of 61% of the total fleet of transformers RusHydro.

This will reverse the trend of the aging of the equipment, renovation of all generating capacity exhaust standard terms and reduce operating costs by reducing the volume of repairs, and process automation.

Implementation of RMB will be available at the end to increase the installed capacity of the Company's facilities at 779 MW. The planned increase in production due to the activities of the program will be 1,375,600,000 kWh

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