KAMAZ-5490 — the most promising!

The winner of the annual "Best Commercial Car of the Year in Russia" in the "Prospect of the Year" was the KAMAZ-5490. The ceremony took place in Moscow, at the International specialized exhibition of trucks AUTOTRANS-2012.

The Jury is composed of traditionally respected journalists actively in their publications covering road transport theme. Among them are the editors and columnists such major publications as "ComTrans", "Autopanorama", "Car", etc. The main criterion for the selection of nominees was the contribution of the vehicle to increase the efficiency of transportation. At the same time take into account parameters such as the novelty of technical solutions, operating costs, sales, financial terms of the acquisition, the availability of services, etc.

KAMAZ-5490, which was first presented to the public a year ago, to replace the tractor KAMAZ-5460. The new model uses the best technology as proprietary and partner of "KAMAZ" — the German company Daimler AG.

By the way, in 2010, in the "Prospect of the Year" was recognized as the best on-board truck KAMAZ-65117. 

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