• KamAZ-63969
  • KamAZ-63969

OJSC "KAMAZ" for the first time demonstrated a promising option armored car chassis KAMAZ-63969, created as part of development work "Typhoon". The car was presented to the President of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov. Previously, this armored car at the assembly area showed the head of the Defense Ministry Sergei Shoigu in June of this year. When you create a forward-looking machine into account the experience of fighting the last decade, the creation and use of armored vehicles with heavy duty mine-protected type MRAP.

KamAZ-63969 is an all-wheel drive armored 6×6. Book your car protects the crew from defeat munitions 14.5 mm caliber armor-piercing bullets of B-32, and armor-piercing incendiary bullets, as well as undermining underneath charge 8 kg of TNT. Armored car can accommodate 2 people and a crew of 10 desantnikov.Na combat vehicle mounted, specially designed, military remote-controlled design module of "Eletromashina." According to the deputy head of the company Edward Bazhenov, a module developed by the Ministry of Defense and the task can be placed on any mobile and stationary object. "We have set up our unit on the armored car" Tiger "- said Bazhenov.On explained that the dead weight of the module is determined by the weight of his equipment and can range from 100-120 kg to 180-200 kg. According to the JSC "KAMAZ", the unit can be equipped with a machine gun 7.62 x54R with increased ammunition and 12.7mm NSVT (KORD), as well as a grenade launcher AGS-30.

Hi Ukrainian BTR-4.

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