Kambarka Machine Works (Udmurtia) mastering the production of new products

Rail buses for the needs of the railway will start releasing on Kambarka engineering plant. To start a new production test models must be tested. "Kambarka Machine Works has signed a contract with the Polish company technology exchange" — quoted words of the Izhevsk branch GR-branch Railways Alexander Lapshin, "Proceedings of the Udmurt Republic."

At present, the plant produced locomotives and wagons for children and the narrow-gauge railways. Also yesterday, December 24, received an order for the production of industrial rail car, which, in particular, will work in the Moscow subway. Now the factory workers will be working on the production of avtomatrisov — similar rail buses RA-1. 

"The case of the car, the wheels already. Now comes the improvement of internal control systems of the filling. That is, in May, they have to give the first unit of this technique. We are looking forward to conduct test trials, "- said Alexander Lapshin. New cars should reach speeds of 100 kilometers per hour and at temperatures not lower than 45 degrees.

Most likely, the new items will be run on the most popular area of the population: at Uva, Votkinsk, Chur, Saygatka, Neftekamsk.

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