Kamchatka, new homes and the most eastern island temple Russia

The village Milkovo commissioned two new residential buildings at 12 and 32 apartments, which were built as part of the regional program of rural development. Prior to that, 30 years in the village is nothing new under construction.

12-apartment house will be placed under the office accommodation, and a new five-story building, where there is a one-, two-and three-bedroom apartments, zaedut Milkovo people standing in line for housing since 1985.

In the village Nikolsky on the Commander Islands prayer service was held on the occasion of the opening of the easternmost island of the temple complex. It was held by the Archbishop of Petropavlovsk and Kamchatka Bishop Artemije.

The house was laid in the late 80s of last century, but construction has been frozen, and only in the summer of 2011, by the decision of the head region, the active phase of construction.

"Less than 1.5 years of abandoned boxes, where, apart from the concrete walls was nothing to get such a wonderful home — the minister said the construction of the Kamchatka Krai Victor Rudow. — The fact that the house had long been frozen — not terrible, because these houses were made roof, so they were not "wet" and frozen until reinforcement, as is usually the case. "

Arrival of new buildings will begin on December 15 — after following the required procedures. Head of the District Governor and discussed the possibility of building on the same site of another apartment building. According to experts, due to the fact that they will use available utilities, the cost of a new home can be 30% less.

In addition to housing, Milkovsky waiting area and a powerful road construction.


The temple was ready in the spring of this year, at Easter and it held its first service. Over the summer, the same was ennobled neighborhood, completed house of the priest, which also housed the Sunday school for children, rural parish library and a hotel for travelers. But the most important thing — the temple priest appointed. Eugene's father, who had come from Moscow to Kamchatka, reviewed my future place of service and over time will come to Nikolsky and his wife.

"I saw the church in which I have to be, met with parishioners, he saw firsthand the Commander Islands, and you know, I liked it" — confessed to Father Eugene.

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