Kamensk-Ural — mass death of fish. Yekaterinburg

Prosecutors Sverdlovsk region checks on the fact of mass death of fish in the Iset River near the village of Kamenka Beklinisheva district. This was reported by the press service oblprokuratury.

Sverdlovsk interdistrict environmental prosecutor's office for the audit staff involved ATS Kamensky urban district and specialists of the state control, surveillance, protection of marine biological resources and their habitats for the Sverdlovsk region Nizhneobskogo territorial management.

According to eyewitnesses, the dead fish appeared in the Iset River about two weeks ago. Preliminary cause of death of fish named Zamor in the winter due to lack of oxygen under the ice, clear signs of chemical poisoning of fish not yet been established, but the samples of dead fish are directed to conduct a study in the Sverdlovsk regional veterinary station.

Recall, from April 10 in Kamensk-Uralsk week suspended hot water due to a sharp deterioration in the water quality of the Iset. Then it was discovered oily liquid, presumably oil, and later — the fecal discharges and ammonia. According to the city administration, the contaminated water was discharged into the river from Aramilskogo pond, located upstream of the Iset.

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