Kamensk Ural Steel Works is building rental complex

The "Rolling Complex" JSC KUMZ on its technical and technological equipment of superior Russian and European counterparts. Its implementation will ensure the supply of high quality new (on geometry and range) of semi-finished products to increase the share of Russian production of the most advanced aluminum and aluminum-lithium alloys to not less than 20% of the total supply of semi-finished aluminum for leading domestic and foreign aircraft manufacturing corporations (Boeing, Airbus , Bombardier, etc.)


Today, the main suppliers of plates and sheets for the Russian aircraft are the European companies (on average about 75% of deliveries). The project is aimed at strengthening the economic security of the country. The project objectives are to provide the Russian and world aviation, space programs, missile technology and shipbuilding plates and plates of aluminum alloys width of 3.8 m and a length up to 32 m

At the site KUMZ for 4 years to build new rental complex, the first phase of which — the shop of cold rolled, will be put in service in 2014. After the project is production of aviation plates and sheets to increase by 165 thousand tons, and its sales will reach more than 40 billion rubles.

Investment in the project "Rolling Complex" is 23 billion rubles. Design and construction works carried out by institutes and construction companies of the Ural region. You will see 500 new jobs.

During the 1st phase of the project (2011-2014). Scheduled install and run cold rolling mill, chamber furnaces intermediate and final annealing rolls, the two lines cross cutting and slitting line, automated warehouse storage rolls.

During the 2nd phase (2012-2014.) Will be mounted dvuhkletevoy hot rolling mill, furnace heating of ingots, aging furnace and annealing, quenching unit horizontally, right-stretching machine, machining lines.

After completion of the project, the new rental complex will annually produce 34 thousand tons of slabs, 83.2 thousand tons of sheets, 48.7 thousand tons of rolls and tapes.

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