Karelia: the opening of a rural clinic and modernization of the Republican Children’s Hospital

After a major renovation opened a medical clinic in the village of Chalna Priazhinsky municipal district of Karelia.

Outpatient services about three and a half thousand people — residents Chalna and other localities of the settlement. Its structure includes first aid unit and a mobile medical and obstetric point. For patients physiotherapy work, massage, and clinical laboratory. The state agency workers — two therapist, pediatrician and neurologist, two emergency doctor, the midwife, middle and junior medical staff.

More than 58 million rubles this year aimed at equipping the Children's Republican Hospital. Acquired anesthetic respiratory, X-ray, laboratory and ultrasound equipment (including expert class) angionevrologicheskaya laboratory, designed for working professionals during visits to the areas, equipment for the care of newborns, including babies with extremely low birth weight. On the bacteriological laboratory equipment sent to more than 4 million rubles. To update the fleet hospital spent more than ten million rubles.

During the year the hospital significantly changed, range of works in the updated renovated rooms in the neonatal heart and center of speech disorders continue repair work. The amount of funding repairs of more than 12 million rubles.

Bacteriological laboratory aimed at equipping more than 4 million rubles. Here there were modern autoclaves, biological safety cabinets, special, resistant to chemical treatments, and furniture.

The following year, repairs expects clinical diagnostic laboratory will be set up rehabilitation center, which has long needed republic, purchased diagnostic and treatment equipment by almost 26 million rubles, including spiral CT scanner, receipt of which was eagerly waiting for hospital specialists.

In December, the hospital transferred to the new car ambulance, neonatal resuscitation with the stabilization of the transport incubator for newborn care and car mobile medical team, where specialists will travel to areas of the country.

Cars are also equipped with Anesthesia, intensive care and other necessary equipment.

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