Kazakhstan — landing place of Noahs ark space!

Guise Volfskiner — a man who has been studying material about UFOs and aliens believes that the world's population now living — none other like aliens, and the story of Noah's ark — the history of the relocation of our forefathers from another planet …

On the territory of Kazakhstan, he is going to find proof of his hypothesis.

Ufologist very long and carefully studied the various apocryphal sources, and came to the conclusion that Noah's Ark — neither more nor less than the spaceship. A progenitor of mankind escaped with his followers from the catastrophe of cosmic proportions.

— Now rover "Kyurositi" finds traces of water on Mars — says Volfskiner. — Periodically any planet for a while becomes uninhabitable. And then have to migrate reasonable races, often leaving the whole of knowledge and technologies in the home planet.

UFO researcher believes that Noah's Ark is on the territory of Kazakhstan. After all, as a landing place will always be selected continental center to avoid the risk of splashdown. And now theorist collects expedition into our country to find the fragments of a starship. Perhaps it is a miracle created by proto, so far, they say, on the go.

— Recently, the Astana is often seen UFOs — says Volfskiner. — Most reliable video similar objects were made in the capital of Kazakhstan. Now these movies have been laid out on www.youtube.com, there are about a dozen.



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