Keane will not be …

Gun design Gryazev-Shipunova is unique in the world, is the first in the Russian self-cocking a 9mm pistol enhanced penetration (greater than piercing AK). Designed for close combat. Personal weapons of new generation contains all of the latest advances in the design and production of weapons of this class. The gun has a low weight, high capacity magazine (18 rounds).

Movie really should not be removed unless in the hands of GS-18

Because you can not hide in a movie for the car door …

You can not because of the wall and shoot matyukatsya
GS-18 can use any commercial 9x19mm ammo, army 9mm NATO, as well as special armor-piercing bullets domestic development, and 7N21 9x19mm PBP.

And in general, that in paramertah written to counteract light armored vehicles.
You can go to an APC and shoot in the hood, and then he
pulling the wheels freeze
You can shoot a brick wall and on the side walls of enemy falls
Just because the two characters have made your mind and have created thing
puncturing any body armor and light armor through
(Mud and Shapunov)
They have created not a gun, but a system GUN HOLDER

Gun-thing mastered, and many critics.
Just let him bring his gun and pierce body armor combat engineer
of supposedly available cartridge
And everything will fall into place.

for terrorists remark — this immenno armed protection of the president

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