KGB claims to have information about the artist explosion

The data obtained for the most probable performer of explosion on April 11 at the metro station "October" in Minsk, reports "Interfax" referring to the Center for Information and Public Relations of the State Security Committee of Belarus.

According to expert estimates, the power of the explosive device equivalent to 5 kg of TNT. "Explosive device which comprises a chopped reinforcement, or metal nails 80h8mm balls with a diameter of about 15 mm was set in benches located on platform" specified in CIPR KGB. Given the evidence, the Prosecutor General of the Republic of Belarus brought criminal case under Part 3. 289 ("Terrorism") Criminal Code of the Republic of Belarus.

On offer leadership of the Russian Federation up to 8 am on April 12 is expected to arrive expert FSB Russia. As the Russian news agency "Novosti" on April 12 in Belarus have the experts come from the UK and Israel.

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