KGB raided his parents Natalia Radina

On Wednesday, the journalist herself called her mother and said that she is in Europe — the website of the "Charter 97". Meanwhile, the parents of Natalia in Kobrin officers came the local branch of the KGB, as well as an investigator of Minsk.

They raided and seized the diaries and letters of solidarity to the journalist, who walked with her around the world, including the former president of the Czech Republic Vaclav Havel and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Slovakia Mikulas Dzurinda. There was also confiscated a computer minor nephew Radin, — writes the "Charter 97".

Thereafter KGB officers went to work for his father Natalia ostensibly to conduct another interview.

Radin she rang her parents and told that he was in the refugee camp of one of the European countries.

"Natasha had promised to call a few days later and say exactly where he was. Yet, she said she decided last formalities with asylum seekers" — quoted by website of the "Charter 97" Natalia's mother's words.

Recall Natalia Radin, who spent more than a month in the KGB detention center, and then lived in Kobrin under house arrest, accused of organizing "mass disorder" on Dec. 19 last year. March 31 she fled abroad.

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