KGB: When the terrorist attack on October used a unique explosives

Analogs of explosive which used a terrorist explosion in Minsk subway, no, — said at a briefing in Minsk by the Belarusian KGB Chairman Vadim Zaitsev.

"It was a special explosive which is of great interest to the experts" — quoted by Interfax Zaitsev.

KGB chairman said that the unique explosives used by terrorists in the explosions in Minsk in July 2008, and it was the same artists as April 11 this year in the subway, "we have not found in any of these states."

Zaitsev also admitted that the security services, rassleduyuchy explosion 2008, assumed that it committed professionals.

"We expected superprafesiyanalav, but the bombings carried out, as it turned out, not very professionally trained people," — he said.

Answering the question of where the criminals took the explosives, Zaitsev said: "On the Internet."

He also said that the authorities were close to solving the crime on July 3. "It would have been solved a few days ago," — said the chairman of the KGB.

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