KGOK shipped the first batch of pellets in Hungary

Of Evraz KGOK sent the first trial batch of vanadium-containing pellets in the order of 15,000 tonnes to the metallurgical plant JSC "ISD DUNAFERR» («ISD Dunaferr Zrt») in Hungary. In April, the Hungarian steel workshops will be made tentative melting. In the case of the successful application of pellets in the metallurgical process, perhaps long-term contracts of two companies.

Pellets are shipped fully comply with the requirements of the customer. The iron content in the product exceeds 60%, the high strength and uniformity is the key to high quality cast iron melt. Kachkanar pellets were tested in the analysis, certification and environmental center "ANSERTEKO" (Moscow).

Currently Evraz KGOK actively collaborates with several steel mills in Europe. The plant is exported their products to Turkey, Slovakia and other countries.

Each year, Evraz KGOK produces about 55 million tons of ore. Production is carried out in the three pits. The main products are Evraz KGOK iron ore sinter and pellets.

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